Far from being isolated to just handbags, in the modern era you need to be prepared for anything (work and pleasure). That's why we've compared a range of different bags that will keep you equipped for whatever life throws at you.

5. The Leather Briefcase - For Stamping Your Mark On Meetings

When you walk into the boardroom or office space you want to be exuding professionalism with everything you do. And that includes looking the part. A professional yet feminine handbag can help you feel glamorous while showing that you mean business. Our choice: This leather number (in black ideally), the perfect mix of style and sharp business edge.

Black women's leather briefcase

4. An Evening Clutch

If you've got a special evening to prepare for, you know that you're going to need a clutch to match. However if you could only choose one, which should you get? The answer is a simple, black satin clutch, as it is the most consistently fashionable and versatile clutch, that can go with almost everything. If you have a choice, go for one with some sparkle, such as a jewel clasp. This one is available from John Lewis.

Black clutch

3. The Day to Day Shoulder Bag

A medium sized shoulder bag is lightweight and sleek, yet provides you freedom without having to clutch or hold onto the handles, giving you mobility that's perfect for a day of errands. Choose a shoulder bag that matches your day to day style, picking a seasonless colour to get the most use out of it.

2. Casual Satchel - Days Out Sorted

For when you need to be on the move you need a bag that can move with you. You don't want to be holding onto a bag at the same time as trying to scan a train ticket and hold a hot coffee! We recommend choosing a backpack or satchel that is stylish and can handle all of your essentials. Our top pick: The Liberty leather backpack has outer slip in pockets for things you need close to hand, and a good compartments in the main body.

Leather brown satchell

1. Stylish Tote Bag - To Bring Everything!

Let's be honest, no matter what bag you buy there will never be enough room. On certain days you will just be left wondering how it will all fit in. For days like that, you'll have your Tote bag, allowing you to fill it to the brim whilst remaining stylish in the process. Get a bag that's made of strong stuff, but with comfortable handles to save your hands from blisters. Popular materials include canvas and leather.

That's it!

Now you're fully equipped with a bag to handle every situation. Think there's one missing? Add it in the comments below!

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