Leather Holdalls

Our spacious and sturdy premium leather holdalls will keep your belongings stowed safely for that long weekend away or trip abroad.

Hold it All – With A Stylish Leather Look To Match

Leather holdalls are often the workhorse of any travellers inventory. To ensure your adventures and day to day living transition as smoothly as possible, we’ve designed a captivating range of reliable bags and holdalls that are perfectly fitted for your active lifestyle.

Ideal Bags for the Gym

Keep your sports gear in perfect order with a men’s a leather duffle bag that speaks of your distinct eye for quality and grace.

Many of our mens holdalls come in large bag formats to ensure you have more than enough freedom to keep everything you need at your side. We use only the highest grade leathers available to offer a hull that is as strong and durable as possible. Cabin bags are great for versatility and flexibility in situations where every inch matters.

If you’re after something a little smaller, then we sell leather backpacks for men and for women.

Luggage for Any Travel Destination

Whether you’re on the hunt for a trusty gym bag, travel partner, hand luggage or simply a large capacity bag for particular day to day needs, our holdalls have been conceived with hard work in mind.

Size isn’t everything. We place purpose and quality over quantity. Much of the time, simplicity is key to ensuring your most reliable bag is suitable for all functions within work or play.

Also see our men’s leather travel bags and luggage here.

We have bags suitable for female travellers too.

Quality and Endurance of a Lifelong Bag

With all pieces comes our promise of strength and assured endurance. Every entry in the range offers superior strapping with quality hardware that have all been carefully hand picked to provide the most reliable performance possible. Experience true strength and savour the benefits of choosing a bag that has been fine tuned to serve the spiking needs of contemporary living.

Choose Von Baer for bags that you can trust.

Refuse to make compromises and chase what you truly aim to become. With decades of tailoring experience in leather design, we’ve compiled designs that can be depended on to deliver exceptional endurance, stunning features as well as generous spacing.

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