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Your leather bag is more than a simple piece of apparel. We believe that the bag you choose is a sign of your professionalism, determination and uniqueness.




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Keep your money safe and smart, with our range of premium leather wallets.

Shop Our Large and Small Leather Wallets and Card Holders for Men Online

A collection of designer mens wallets all made from the highest grade leather and perfectly crafted to wrap all of life’s essentials into one neat and compact assortment. The range includes a variety of designer card wallets to suit an array of preferences. Pick a conventional sleeve or one of our travel wallets that offer more than a means to hold your vitals, but add a mark of distinction to your accessories.

Our wallets are all made from premium buffalo leather. Absolutely gorgeous to the touch, very robust and made to have just the right amount of flexibility, every piece is designed to offer convenient compartment positioning and generous spacing. Our ethos is to deliver distinguished wallets that reflect pride, indulgence and definitive character.

We prioritise reliability over gimmicks. Every wallet is designed to offer storage in a layout that is simple to use yet comprehensive enough to cover all of your core valuables. Soft leather interiors ensure you’ll be more than happy to glide in and out with exceptionally comfortable handling. For most men, the wallet is perhaps the most used accessory you keep on your person. It’s an item that is worthy of higher levels of luxury and prestige. All designs are lightweight, exquisitely finished and ready for duty.

Every entry in the collection offers its own unique and specially formulated features. Your days are bound to be full of vibrancy and fast paced endeavour. We believe your wallet should be built to last and prepared for years of hard graft. Whatever style or format you have in mind, there is a wallet in our range to compliment the routines of your day to day.

Men of gravity let others settle for lesser quality. You’re wallet is set to accompany you on every excursion you chose to pursue, here you’ll find variants that we’ve tailored especially for life’s most vibrant journeys.

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