Shop our range of premium men’s leather backpacks and rucksacks.

We offer a collection of mens leather backpacks to suit the changing needs and preferences of all discerning travellers. Today, practicality alone is not enough. Have a backpack that is specially designed and expertly crafted to provide you the capability and durability you need while also standing out for all the right reasons.

We use only the finest grade leather that has been rigorously tested and carefully chosen for its feel, aesthetic qualities and immaculate endurance thresholds. Our design ethos with all pieces is always to offer superior performance and delectable styling. Each backpack is carefully detailed with masculine features to create a visual and performance that embody the promise of success.

No man has the time or patience to worry about multiple bags or clumsy layouts. For these reasons we’ve tailored our backpacks to incorporate generous storage capacities fitted with intelligent layout design to ensure the bag stays compact, neat and poised. Leather straps with increased strength and bolstered hardware components guarantee the endurance of our backpacks is never in question.

For us, classic styling doesn’t mean old fashioned. It means timelessness and prevailing spirit. We’ve filled each line with dynamic interior features and little details to make them perfectly geared for modern living. Smooth gentle lining throughout the range upholds the degree of luxury usability we endeavour to maintain. Say no to inferior and settle for only the best that contemporary designer craftsmanship has to offer.

No backpacks within the range are built in mass quantities. Each and every piece is based upon a pattern that has been specially refined by tailors with decades of combined experience. If you’re going to put faith in your most helpful and attractive travel companion, it should be expertly designed for the journey ahead. Comfort, convenience and masculinity are the founding pillars behind the essence of this exciting leather backpack range.