Leather Briefcases for Men

Founded on business excellence and professional quality, our full grain premium leather briefcases for men will be the deal breaker in your next meeting.

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Best briefcase

Flagship Briefcase – The “Oligarch”

Structured briefcase, made from the finest full grain leather.

Ideal for a professional environment where you need to show dominance and prestige.

Best laptop briefcase

Best Laptop Briefcase – The “Abramovich”

An unstructured business bag that offers plenty of space.

Perfect for tech and business essentials.

Best small briefcase

Best Small Briefcase – The “Master No1”

Structured but slimline.

Perfect for lightweight business travel.

Best messenger briefcase

Best Messenger Briefcase – “Master No2”

Nicely structured in fine leather.

Two catches for extra security.

Best casual briefcase

Best Casual Briefcase – “Business City”

Unstructured style for a relaxed look.

Plenty of room for a laptop.

Best large briefcase

Best Large Briefcase – “Magnate”

Bulky and unstructured leather case.

Ideal for heavier loads.

Best traditional briefcase

Best Traditional Briefcase – “Master No3”

Classic two buckle styling.

Bring sophistication to the board room.

Von Baer Reviews

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Master No.2 Leather Briefcase

5 out of 5

This is simply a first-class bag.

July 5, 2018

Magnate Modern Briefcase

5 out of 5

Nothing else comes close to this and the price-to-product ratio is perfect.

July 3, 2018

Luxury Leather Briefcases For the Modern Man

Our leather briefcase range offers contemporary design, heritage craftsmanship and impeccable component quality. Every bag is designed to be smart enough for work as well as versatile enough for more casual day to day use. We have leather briefcases for both men and women (see women’s leather briefcases here).

Designer Briefcases Made of Full Grain Leather

Make a stand against normality and mediocrity. Have a bag that offers superior aesthetics and brings an essence of majesty to the inventory’s of men and women of all walks of life. All of our briefcases are made from the finest grade vegetable-tanned buffalo or calf leather in tan, black or brown. We carefully select each piece to ensure all surfaces are either exquisitely soft or hard and robust, perfectly free of spoils and will last years into the future. If you need something a little larger, we have leather laptop bags available, or you could browse our business bags for men.

Briefcases with Storage

Each case has been carefully tailored to provide ample and convenient storage in either conventional or folio style formats in order to suit the needs of modern living. All dimensions and sleeves have been meticulously positioned with the most typically used business luggage items in mind. Have the room you need without compromising on style.

Quality of Material and Design

All straps and buckles are reinforced to ensure you are never let down. Every design incorporates notes of empowerment and indulgence throughout, filling you with the confidence to chase goals the right way. It takes true passion and heightened expertise to craft a briefcase worth admiration. With every piece we strive to fulfill our desire to present unbeatable quality at the pinnacle of modern designer wear.

Strong and Waterproof Leather

A collection of little touches are featured throughout every design intended to further compliment the demands of the busy professional and contemporary traveller. Most entries are perfectly suitable for  men and women a like, engineered for a world where strength of purpose is everything. Shop Von Baer bags for the full range today.