Women’s Leather Backpacks

Stylish, durable and comfortable leather backpacks for women.

Beautiful and Stylish Leather Rucksacks

Our women’s leather backpacks are built around the ethos of comfort, beauty and simple practicality. Where inferior backpacks and bags will let you down, our refined collection of durable rucksacks and casual handbags will harness your precious items securely and distinctly.

All designs are crafted with exceptionally elegant features that stand for boldness, femininity and outstanding character. We’re proud of our painstaking endeavour to source only the highest quality leather. Only by using the finest fabrics available to us can we ensure each and every piece offers a flawless finish and is delectable to the touch.

These bags could be used for work, as an alternative to a briefcase, or even instead of your shoulder bag.

Keeping Your Valuables Organised In Leather Compartments

A lady should never be flustered and to that end we have carefully crafted bags that provide all the compartments you need for smooth and convenient storage. Keep everything in fine order with lined pockets, slim sleeves and neat cavities all expertly tailored to fold and contract seamlessly. This is especially important when you’re travelling.

Never be let down by your straps again! All straps in the collection have been reinforced and combined with incredibly durable metalwork to ensure your trusty pack never fails you when it matters most. Each of our womens bags has been tirelessly quality controlled to ensure all stitches and seams are hand crafted to immaculate standards.

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Small and Large Leather Backpacks for Women

With a range of sizes and capacities to meet all preferences, we’ve thought of all occasions and delivered a collection that speaks to progressive women with a versatile voice. With the busy, conscientious and street wise modern woman in mind, every item has been fitted with special dynamic touches to assist and complement your daily challenges.

Have the courage to turn down options that don’t meet your deserved expectations. Embrace only the best that decades of tailoring heritage has to offer. Hundreds of hours of design refinement has been poured into the patterns of our bags and packs. This is the defining factor proven to be the difference between brilliance and mediocrity.