Here are 9 popular men's bags that are both functional and fashionable. Here is a range to compliment both business and weekend attire.

What is a man's bag?

 Man bag vs purse

You may have seen the Friends episode above where Rachel recommends Joey to buy the "men's bag" which actually resembles more of a purse (if you haven't then I highly recommend it), and as you can see that bag doesn't have many key features of a men's bag which are:

Practical - a man's bag is first and foremost a practical item, so it should fit the purpose that you will use it for.

Masculine - it must appear to fit the outfit you wear, and not resemble a women's purse. This can be the lines of the design, the colours used, and the type of strap.

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Types of Men's Bags

Here is out countdown of the 9 most popular types of men's bags available.

1. Messenger Bags - What are they?

A messenger bagA messenger bag is a bag with a long strap that runs over the shoulder and across the body. It originated in New York, with the messenger services during the 1950's. They are usually used for storing lighter weight items because of their narrow design, and probably aren't best for bulky cameras or unusually shaped items. The best messenger bags are waterproof and made from leather to ensure longevity and style. Browse our men's leather messenger bags here.


2. Laptop Bags - What are they?

A laptop bagA good laptop bag will allow you to both carry your laptop computer (of any size) and have extra room to store other things such as paperwork, chargers and accessories. Due to the extra weight in a laptop bag, they usually come with a broader strap that spreads the weight on your shoulder or hand. It is essential that a laptop bag is waterproof, and even better if it's leather, as this will ensure your gadget is protected at all times. You can purchase leather laptop bags online from Von Baer UK here.


3. Briefcases - What are they?

A briefcaseThe key feature of a briefcase as opposed to other bags is that it has hard sides. While they have become less popular in recent years with the use of technology over hard copies and paperwork, they are still a staple for business meetings in corporate environments. A strong leather briefcase can give you that extra edge in a board meeting or job interview. You can browse our most professional briefcase here: Modern Executive Leather Briefcase Or you can browse the whole leather briefcase range here.

4. Backpacks / Rucksacks - What are they?

A backpackBackpacks are designed to allow you to carry lots of items while on the move. They give you greater flexibility because they spread the load over two shoulders and leave your hands free. You can buy bags with side pockets, large central compartments, and even backpacks with 2 central compartments for laptops as well. These are often used by busy working professionals who do a lot of walking in between offices, and equally used for those traveling or hiking. You can shop our range of leather backpacks here.

5. Gym Bags - What are they?

A travel or gym bagTurning up to the gym in style is essential, and a proper gym bag to hold you clothes, trainers and toiletries can set you up for success in the gym. Having more than one compartment is essential to separate your dirty clothes and shoes from the clean gear. For a gym bag that lasts, we recommend the strong leather gym bag from Von Baer.




6. Travel Bags - What are they?

A travel bags have traditionally been made of soft leather or fabric, designed to be flexible enough to fit anything you need to take while on the move. You can get smaller bags for plane hand luggage, or larger ones for road trips / stowaway bags. The classic type of travel bag was known as the "Gladstone bag". Having a water resistant bag is essential so that you aren't left in a foreign country all of your clothes ruined. Shop our range of leather men's travel bags online here.

7. Duffel Bags - What are they?

A duffel bag traditionally is a vertically filled bag with a draw string top. This was used to carry luggage and equipment, and was traditionally used by army marines or sailors (called "seabags"). The word originated from the Belgium town called Duffel, which was where the original cloth for these bags was made.

8. Tote Bags - What are they?

A tote bag is more suitable for a women's purse or hand bag. It can be considered a traditional shopping bag design, with two handles that come up together and often worn over the shoulder. The word "tote" simply means to carry.

9. Camera Bags - What are they?

When you've invested a lot of money in a camera, you need a good strong bag to hold it safe. A camera bag should have separate compartments for all of the different lenses, batteries, and camera bodies that you need to take with you. It is essential that these bags are heavily padded and waterproof. You can visit the Von Baer UK website for all of your leather bags, we ship across the entire United Kingdom.

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